Did you know over 15 billion plastic bottles are thrown away every year!  

Our founders were fed up with seeing plastic bottles everywhere when we have some of the best drinking water in the world right here in Australia.  Besides the scourge on the environment there is the real threat of BPA's and carcinogenic materials in the bottles we buy!  

Not wanting to drink out of metal or plastic ever again, we began the search for a beautiful glass bottle design.

Inspired by simple designs from around the world and with the Australian aesthectic and Lifestyle in mind, WTR was born.

WTR is an Australian owned glass drinking bottle.  A clean, simple design with form and function and minimal footprint.   WTR doesn't leak and is designed not to break. The entire bottle, sleeve and all, goes in the dishwasher for cleaning.  100% recyclable food grade materials.   Best of all, drinking from glass tastes better than anything.

theWTRlabel is a practical fashion accessory made to carry with you everywhere. Your handbag, car, fridge, office desk and Yoga bag!  We make a lovely gift as well.  

Welcome to theWTRlabel, for lovers of great taste, who want to change our world for the better!


 parfait ce cabas

'parfait ce cabas' translation  'this perfect bag'

made from the softest neoprene fabric in unique and eye catching colours, this colourful tote is ideal as an everyday bag, weekender, baby, beach or business.  

This versatile tote is expandable, maching washable and comes with a matching zip clutch.  All  lined with a pop of colour inside to catch the most devoted fashionista’s eye.